EcoFast® Replacement Filters

    EcoFast® EF100/200 Replacement Filters
      • MultiMax™ filter - W9410103 (Yellow Wrap)
      • AquaMetix® block - W9410107 (Blue Wrap)
      * EcoFast Twin Systems require one of each of the above filters, MultiMax™ in the first stage, AquaMetix® filter in the second stage - Available as a package below - W9410120

        EcoFast® EF300 Replacements

        • MultiMax™ Filter - W9410303 (Yellow Wrap)
        • CeraMax™ Filter - W9522460 (Ceramic with Max Block core)
        • CeraMetix® Filter - W9522660 (Ceramic with AquaMetix® core)
        • AquaMetix® Filter - W9410307 (Blue Wrap)

              * EcoFast® EF300 Twin Systems include MultiMax™ & AquaMetix® filters, package available for both filters is part number W9410320.

        EcoFast® EF500 Replacements

        • AquaMetix® Filter - W9410507 (Blue Wrap)

                All filters have been tested to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53

                Filters should be replaced annually

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