About Us

Since 1989, we've been the source for ceramic water filtration products in North and South America.  We now export our products around the world.

The AquaCera® brand encompasses a full range of water filtration products centered around innovation and the latest technologies for water concerns. 

Manufacturers of ceramic water filter elements and specialty filtration systems. We specialize in ceramics, it's our name, it's what we do.

Ceramic filters are what we know and that's what we specialize in, at the same time we incorporate new technologies and advancements in water filtration into new products that compliment our ceramics. 

AquaCera® water filtration systems offer the latest technology and the highest quality filtration available for the 21st century.

Improving your life, one glass at a time.


AquaCera® products are manufactured by Ceramic Filters Company.  www.ceramicfilterscompany.com


All of our ceramic filters are registered with the EPA 

EPA Establishment Registration Number 067142-MI-001

EPA Registration is here -  Click here for Letter