AquaCera® MR500 AquaMetix® System

The MultiRound 500 vessel holds 5 AquaMetix® 20" cartridges designed to offer a high flow solution for specific removals of challenging contaminants. The vessel utilizes 1.5" Inlet & Outlet ports and features a swing bolt lid.

Tested for the removal of Chloramine, Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury

  • Capacities:
  • 30000 gallons       Chloramine >99% (non-detect)
  • 30000 gallons       Mercury >97%
  • 30000 gallons       Lead >98.5%
  • 60000 gallons       Chlorine >99% (non-detect)

Built-In Pressure Gauge

Built-In Pressure Release

MR500 Data Sheet

MR Instructions

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