EcoFast® XL EF300 DIY Under Sink System

EcoFast® XL EF300 DIY/DirectConnect™ system includes a DIY installation kit for standard undersink installation with a dedicated faucet. Also included is the DirectConnect™ kit to directly connect to the cold water line to the system allowing for all the cold water to be filtered. Choose from either the CeraMax™ filter or the AquaMetix® filter.

CeraMax™ filter Sub-Micron particulates and sediment protection along with the reduction of chlorine, taste, odor, and lead.  Filter is rated for 2500 gallons for chlorine.

AquaMetix® filter for chloramine, chlorine, lead, heavy metal, and fluoride reduction. Filter is rated for 4200 gallons for chloramines.

Only the EF300 with AquaMetix® filter is designed for DirectConnect™. The ceramic systems will not provide the necessary flow rate for DirectConnect™ installation.

EF300 Brochure

EF300 DirectConnect™ Instruction Sheet

Includes Standard DIY Kit - Upgrade faucets are available on this page


Length 14.5" - This unit requires 16" of total space in order to service the unit.

Width 4.5"

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