AquaVas™ Cobalt Blue Stoneware Gravity Filter System

Our AquaVas™ Cobalt Blue stoneware gravity filter is made from our own recipe of processed clay. Each piece is hand finished, and the glaze is sprayed by hand, it is truly an artisan piece. Our glaze is food grade, lead free, and made on site.
The AquaVas™ holds 2 AquaCera® gravity filter elements in the upper reservoir, and the lower reservoir holds 2 gallons of filtered water ready for use. The upper reservoir holds 1 gallon of water ready for filtering.
The AquaVas™ brings gravity filters back to their pottery origins with this unique and highly attractive alternative to stainless steel units. Finished in an off-white glaze, the AquaVas™ is designed for daily use at home or work, or just about anywhere.
The AquaVas™ is manufactured in the USA.  Includes stainless steel spigot.

Fully assembled the AquaVas™ measures 20” high with
the lid in place. The diameter is 9.5” wide.  Unit weight is 15lbs empty.

 AquaVas™ Spec Sheet

AquaVas™ Instruction Sheet

Stainless Steel Spigot Instruction Sheet

Filter Information:

CeraMetix GF Spec Sheet

Chemix QD Spec Sheet

AquaMetix QD Spec Sheet

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