Teros™ 2S Purifier System

The Teros™2 Purifier combines our latest Gen2 hollow fiber membrane technology for exceptional bacteria, cyst and virus reduction and our AquaMetix® block filter for unequaled chemical reductions. The Teros™2 is a twin housing system capable of delivering 0.5 gallon per minute flow rates without the need of a storage tank. Includes DIY installation kit which includes fittings, tubing and faucet.

    • Gen2 Hollow Fiber cartridge (first stage filter)
    • 99.9999999% Cryptosporidium removal
    • 99.9999% E.Coli/Bacteria removal
    • 99.999% Virus removal (MS2 bacteriophage test)
    • AquaMetix® filter (second stage filter)
    • >99% Chloramine reduction
    • >99% Chlorine reduction
    • >99% Lead reduction
    • >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
    • >99% Glyphosate reduction
    • >98% VOC’s reduction
    • >98% Heavy metals reduction
    • >98% THM's (Trihalomethanes)
    • >92% Nitrates reduction
    • >85% Fluoride reduction
    • Capacities:
          • UF Membrane 18-24 months
          • AquaMetix® filter should be replaced annually

Teros™ Brochure

Teros™ System Instruction Sheet

      Includes Standard DIY Kit - Upgrade faucets are available on this page

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