EcoFast® DIY Unit - EF200

The EcoFast® (EF200) is an eco-friendly, compact in-line filter system. The housing allows for easy removal of the filter element for maintenance by utilizing a built-in automatic water shut off valve. This system uses specially designed filters that will only fit in this system. Includes a DIY installation kit which includes most parts needed for installation, including a faucet.
Available filters are MultiMAX™, and AquaMetix®.

EF200 Complete with the MultiMAX™ Filter is W9332413

EF200 Complete with the AquaMetix® Filter is W9332417


EF200 Brochure

Unit measures 11.5" Tall and 3.5" Deep

Includes Standard DIY Kit - Upgrade faucets are available on this page

Replacement filter part numbers:

MultiMAX™ W9410103

AquaMetix® W9410107


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