Specialty Filters (Gravity) - Fluoride - Chloramine - Nitrate - Arsenic Reduction Filters

We offer several specialty filters for specific contaminant removal requirements.  These filters can be used with AquaCera® gravity filter systems and some competitors systems as well.

These filters are designed as an add-on to your existing filter elements, they attach to the threaded end of the filter.  These add-on filters are designed for specific contaminant reductions to be used in combination with your existing filters for additional reductions.

Includes a pair (two) when ordered.

  • AquaMetix® - Chloramine, Lead, Fluoride, Glyphosate, Heavy Metals & VOC reduction
  • A5 - Arsenic reduction
  • A3 - Nitrate reduction

Filter life is approximately 300 gallons.

Filters are Made in the USA

We do not use activated alumina in any of our products.

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