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March 19, 2020

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New Stoneware gravity systems available very shortly.

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Activated Alumina vs. AquaMetix

This is a first for me.  After 20 years of developing products, marketing and selling products and talking to people day after day it has finally dawned on me to speak up and try this method to make a point.

Fluoride removal or reduction by filtration has been a daily topic of conversation at our offices since before I even came on board in July of 1999.  Back then, we offered an Activated Alumina filter candle for Doulton® and British Berkefeld® filter systems as we were the North American distributors and some of our better distributors were aware back then of the dangers of added fluoride and their customers demanded fluoride reduction.  A few years later, we started to promote our B2 media filters when we learned that in Boulder, Colorado the water treatment plants were using two different methods to add fluoride to the water.  Sodium fluoride in one plant and in another they were using "something else".

This developed into a situation that made us rethink how we sold fluoride reduction filters for municipally treated water.  We realized that in situations where sodium fluoride was the additive; the activated alumina filters were totally ineffective.  We knew they would be fine for well water situations with naturally occurring fluoride and so we actively began to sell both versions based on this new knowledge.

Flashing forward to 2012.  We began production of AquaMetix®.  The first product was a CeraMetix® (ceramic outer shell with AquaMetix® inside) filter candle for use in gravity feed water filters.  Sold as an All In One gravity filter for use in stainless steel gravity housings it was and still is a hit among consumers.  There have been some current competitors and former customers to market these same filters of ours and the merits of this product are as plentiful as the list of contaminants these filters remove.

But I digress.

Fluoride reduction is a big deal to many consumers.  Most now use the internet to determine who and what to buy.  Most filter companies sell activated alumina filters because of the data sheets from the manufacturer of the media.  What they never tell you is that it is extremely pH dependent (5.5-6.5) to be effective and that the flow rate must be extra-ordinarily slow in a small filter to actually do anything at all.  The tests done by pilot plant studies is always done on a large scale and are designed for ground water applications.

Does activated alumina work?  Yes, under the right circumstances and almost always when used to reduce sodium fluoride.  For my purposes, the point is that MOST  municipalities now use various other forms for adding fluoride such as fluorosilicic acid which activated alumina does NOT work with.  

I know what you're thinking..... How do you know?

Time, experience, but mainly because we have done so many tests with AquaMetix® since 2012.  Some of these tests included incorporating Activated Alumina into the AquaMetix® block to see if it helped or hindered fluoride reduction in lab grade water testing.  Not only did it not help; it actually degraded the performance of the AquaMetix® block during fluoride reduction testing.

AquaMetix® is not affected by pH like activated alumina.  In fact, it actually increases pH slightly which is a whole different topic altogether.  

So, what is your point James?

Be an informed consumer before buying a water filter.  At AquaCera®, we believe in providing fact, not fiction; offering the truth, not clever marketing tactics to deceive.

Our dealers and distributors rely on us to give them the hard truths.  Do our filters take out everything in the water; No.  Do our filters address more contaminants than most everyone else; YES.  

If you call us, you will get straight answers.  If you buy our products, you will be using the latest, the best, and most comprehensive filter technology currently available in the world.  If you are selling our products, you are working with a company that will treat you the same whether you order a thousand dollars of merchandise a year or one hundred thousand dollars a month.  

Be well.  Be informed.  Filter your water.

Introducing QuickDrip™ gravity filter blocks

Our new line of QuickDrip™ gravity filter blocks are designed for daily city water use. High capacity, high flow carbon block filters designed specifically for use in gravity filter systems.  QuickDrip™ block filters offer the following:

  • No priming, just fill the upper reservoir and within minutes you have clean, great tasting water
  • No carbon fines
  • Manufactured and designed in the USA


  • 2500 gallons - chlorine, taste and odor reduction
  • 450 gallons - lead, mercury, and VOC reduction
  • Independently Tested to ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the above contaminants